Change Agents Worldwide is a global Workplace by Facebook service provider specialising in adoption and implementation. We enable organisations to:

  • accelerate the adoption of Workplace by employees for work collaboration,
  • build key collaboration capabilities; and
  • ensure the realization of strategic value aligned to the broader business needs.

We also support organisations to develop the community management and agile change capabilities to ensure that collaboration through Workplace remains relevant to business outcomes over time.

Our Services

We offer

  • Agile strategy workshops to enable organisations to develop an effective business case for Workplace and to shape their launch plans to realise business value
  • Design and development of your Workplace launch
  • Capability building for Senior Executives, Employees and the Community Management team to support ongoing value realisation in Workplace, including:
    • Personal Knowledge Mastery
    • Working Out Loud
    • Adaptive & Network Leadership
    • Agile Change and Experimentation

Speak to us to design a solution that meets your business needs.

Our Approach

Change Agents Worldwide’s global team has deep expertise in collaboration and approaches to effective adoption.  One core tool is the Collaboration Value Maturity Model.