You are THAT guy/gal. You see that change is possible in the enterprise and you’re willing to champion the change agenda. You believe in the principles that are driving 21st Century networked companies. We call our Enterprise network members Enterprise Change Agents, or ECAs. ECAs have not only the vision about how to make deep and lasting change in the Enterprise, they have the stamina and economic clout to effect change in your organization. We treat all our Change Agents with the same respect regardless of level, but we’ve found from experience that only individuals who have the means to create change actually can (and do) inside the large enterprise. At this time, we are only on-boarding ECAs from large companies (revenues >$1B USD) that are also not consulting firms or technology providers.

If you have the passion, the skill, the conviction to make real change in your company, join us. You will become part of a large and growing team of leaders just like yourself. Leaders who can guide you, support you, and also learn from your experience.

Join us as an Enterprise Change Agent