Welcome to the Executive Leadership Institute

Change Agents Worldwide is offering an innovative executive development program for forward-thinking executives in which they will create, under expert guidance, a customized framework for their evolution into an effective leader for today's network-driven conditions. The program consists of in-person (US and EMEA) and virtual events, and a rigorous personalized program that will expand each Institute member's awareness, understanding and skills for thriving in an era characterized by complexity and disruptive change. Each participant will grow their capabilities in tangible ways designed to address the participant's context, current level of skills, and the specific challenges and issues of their role and their organization.

Program details:

Change Agents Worldwide believes traditional leadership models are being disrupted rapidly. Forward-thinking executives and change agents need new capabilities to lead the organizational changes required to survive and thrive in a disruptive era. Our innovative executive development program will:

Key personal capabilities developed in the program include:

The program consists of in-person (US and EMEA) and virtual events combined with a tailored program for each Institute member. Participants can expect to build their capabilities by creating – with an expert mentor – a personal road map for recognizing, understanding, and leading change in their organization based on existing business strategies, individual strengths, and the unique circumstances of the change(s) they face.

In addition to our annual program, we will support Change Agents and their organizations with a variety of short- and long-term workshops and learning seminars focused on creating and sustaining change in the networked workplace. These tailored workshops can be on-site or in our regional centers around the world (US, UK, EMEA, and Australia).

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