Change Agents Worldwide is a network of progressive and passionate professionals, specializing in Future of Work technologies and practices. Our members come together in Change Agents Worldwide to share their practice, to learn and to collaborate on projects. Our focus is helping others to create change that enables a better, more effective and more human Future of Work.

We strive to “make work more effective” because we believe the greatest opportunity is to achieve an exponential improvement in work by engaging each employee’s personal purpose and potential. Through better experiences and engagement of people, an organization will better deliver on its shared purpose for others. We believe the opportunity in digital transformation is to make work more human.

We achieve this by:

We believe the Future of Work will involve:

  • working like a network,
  • organizing like a network,
  • leading like a network; and
  • learning like a network.

Our members are leading solo consultants and change leaders from organizations around the world. We want to learn from a diversity of expertise and experiences as we practice new ways of working and help others create the Future of Work in their organizations. We are vendor agnostic, but partner with the best partners and solutions for our clients’ and our member’s needs.

Our clients are from a range of industries – financial services, healthcare, government, not-for-profit sector, services, and technology. Our clients are from a range of geographies – the US, Europe, Australia and Asia. What unites all our clients is a passion for making work more effective and enabling their employees to realize their human potential.

We practice the approaches that we advocate so that we can learn and share the experience with others. We use a range of future of work practices to bring our network together and to share its value with our clients, partners, and other stakeholders.

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