Never before has the pace of innovation and individual empowerment been more dramatic, exhilarating, and simultaneously demanding. We are a network of progressive and passionate professionals, specializing in Future of Work technologies and practices. We designed Change Agents Worldwide to function as a cooperative, where

We designed Change Agents Worldwide to function as a cooperative, where value is realized by every node in the network. As the network grows, the benefits compound exponentially.

We believe change is coming fast to the Enterprise. We believe in the principles that drive the evolving web: chief among these are transparency, sharing and collaboration, authenticity, and trust. We are excited about new behaviors, structures, and technologies that will fuel healthy, productive disruption to industrial-age beliefs, taxonomies, and processes.

We strive to “make work more effective” because we believe the greatest opportunity is to achieve an exponential improvement in work by engaging each employee’s personal purpose and potential. Through better experiences and engagement of people, an organization will better deliver on its shared purpose for others. We believe the opportunity in digital transformation is to make work more human.

We share a passion for introducing change to large institutions that results in a step change in productivity, higher engagement, shared experiences, innovation, and growth.

It’s your turn to take the next step.

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