A digital business is one that sees opportunities, learns, and rapidly implements change to leverage its insights. Today’s rate of change requires organizations to be agile, able to innovate to adapt quickly. However, uncertainty and complexity of modern work mean that you don’t know the answer when you begin.  Innovation and change involve creating systemic approaches to learning. Change Agents Worldwide helps organizations establish and maintain a more effective practice in learning, innovation acceleration, and agile change. Our unique strength is combining these disciplines to deliver practical initiatives our client’s advantage:

  • Establish Learning Culture: Learning is no longer the sole preserve of a learning and development team. Organizations need to be able to leverage learning organization-wide through experimentation, social learning, new approaches and a greater focus on a workplace learning culture. As Harold Jarche says “work is learning and learning is the work”
  • Enable Innovation Acceleration: Innovation is a learning process and we enable organizations to set an effective innovation strategy, manage innovation partnerships and accelerate the execution of their innovation agenda for strategic value.
  • Embed Learning and Agile Change in Work: Develop learning skills so individuals learn effectively alone or together.  Create practices that embed change and learning into work. From giving executives a taste of agile change to leading major change programs, we bring the ability to help your organization deliver change more effectively by leveraging the contributions of your employees and stakeholders.

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