Digital transformation is changing the way organizations structure work and manage people. The pace of digital business and new competitive dynamics mean it is essential that an organization can leverage the potential of its people to execute effectively and rapidly adapt to changing circumstances.

Change Agents Worldwide brings a depth of expertise in organizational development for the future of work to realise more effective models for its client. We assist clients with:

  • An Adaptive Team: The right organizational model and culture is not something that can be copied. Each organization must adapt approaches to its strategy, culture, and networks of people. At the heart of effective organizations are dynamic and adaptive teams.
  • Leveraging the Wirearchy: Jon Husband defines wirearchy as “a dynamic two-way flow of power and authority, based on knowledge, trust, credibility and a focus on results, enabled by interconnected people and technology”. We believe organizations need to be able to gain the benefits of both their hierarchy and their wirearchy.
  • Aligning Purpose & Organizational Culture: Succesful organizations build leadership and culture that aligns with their strategic goals and their business needs. Culture in this way is not about announcing abstract norms but creating expectations of how interactions will occur in the organization
  • Fostering Autonomy & Leadership: Ensuring that employees everywhere in an organization have the potential and the capabilities to initiate the right changes to make an organization more effective.

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