Helen Blunden

Title: Workplace Learning Consultant and Change Agent

Company: Activate Learning Solutions

Geography: Based in Melbourne, Australia

BioHelen Blunden is a modern workplace learning consultant with over 24 years experience in corporate Learning and Development.  She helps people in organisations activate the way their work, learn and connect so that they can achieve their own professional and personal development goals.

Helen believes that individuals bring a wealth of untapped knowledge, insights, networks and experiences that are relatively untapped, unacknowledged or even ignored by their organisations.

Helen helps these individuals show and share their work, knowledge and expertise and to express it with their own unique voice and personal story using different social tools, technology and platforms.  

Helen inspires people to consider their workplace as a learning experience; one in which work and learning merges so that they can continually grow and adapt as world of work changes.

As an avid user of social tools and technology, she coaches how these tools can be used to share the employee voice, document the workplace projects and share their personal learning journey.  The result is that it not only supports business outcomes but enables the employee to build a credible reputation and authority in their area of expertise which in turn supports them through the future of work.

Practice Areas:

  • Enterprise and Public Social Networks & Communities
  • Social Media for Network Building
  • Employee Generated Content, Communities & Conversations (Yammer, Facebook; LinkedIn; Twitter; Snapchat; Blogs; Vlogs; Podcasts & Streaming and more).

Other Projects: Helen founded Third Place, a volunteer community of over 400 people in Australia interested in personal learning and development to come together and foster new connections in social and informal settings in cafes, libraries and co-working spaces.

Twitter: @activatelearn


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