Kevin Jones

Title: Advisor, Speaker, Entrepreneur

Company: VINJONES Consulting

Geography: Portland, OR, United States

Bio: Kevin helps organizations design healthy, thriving, productive cultures using design principles. Rather than focusing on fixing the employees, he helps companies focus on the organizational environment, which in turn will affect all other aspects of the business for the better.

He is an advisor who challenges the status quo and goes beyond the traditional quick fix. He is a professional speaker for company and industry events – entertaining yet educating on the “how-tos” of healthy cultures.  Kevin is also the founder and CEO of viaPing, a real-time employee feedback tool which uncovers hidden insights most companies miss.  And, as an added bonus, he creates videos to help explain to employees concepts which may not fit their current culture.

Kevin earned a bachelors degree in Business Administration from the University of Oregon, and a masters degree in Instructional & Performance Technologies from Boise State University.

Most importantly, he is the father to eight incredible children and one incredible wife.

Practice Areas: Company culture, organizational performance, employee engagement, collaboration

Twitter: @kevindjones



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