Patti Anklam

Title: Knowledge Networker

Company: Net Work

Geography: Harvard, MA (the town, not the University!)

BioPatti Anklam has been helping organizations learn and collaborate by providing guided insights into how they can use the power of networks to create and share information for over 20 years. As an experienced knowledge management strategist, Patti assesses the current state of knowledge sharing across the spectrum of systems and tools, behaviors, social networks, and organizational structures and processes then co-designs with the client the best actions to take to move to a new level of knowledge sharing.

Her book, Net Work: A Practical Guide to Creating Networks at Work and in the World offers a blueprint for building a network mindset that enables leaders to steward intentional networks to achieve collaborative success.

Practice Areas: Knowledge management, value network analysis, organizational network analysis, online community facilitation.

Twitter: @panklam



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