Susan HeadshotSusan Scrupski

Title: Change Agent

Company: SoCo Partners

Geography: Orlando, Florida. Practice worldwide

Bio: Susan Scrupski is the Change Agent’s agent. For decades, she spent her career in and around technology and innovation. Always a believer that technology can create a better world, she invests her time and energy in helping organizations recognize the game-changing value in large systemic shifts in computing and sociological change.  A true pioneer of the second generation enterprise social web movement, Susan has been one of the leading voices to inspire large companies to explore new organizational methods for collaborating socially.  A fierce advocate for working in transparent, open networks, she has been a catalyst to help change agents around the world kickstart, improve, and/or expand their organizational models in order to thrive in the connected 21st century.

Practice Areas: Social Collaboration.

Twitter: @SusanScrupski



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